Skin Care

Skin Care

Hana® is a boutique skincare range with all natural ingredients including active manuka honey. It gently penetrates and nurtures your skin.

Over the past 6 years, the company has been working on formulations, costings, packaging and working with both Asian and Caucasian consumer testing panels to perfect the hana® skincare range.

There are a number of Mānuka based skincare concepts originating from New Zealand so the hana® focus was on developing a brand that is sophisticated and international without eroding the benefits that New Zealand as the country of origin and Mānuka as a key ingredient offers.

It is important to be aware that New Zealand is acknowledged as being pure from pesticides and contamination and products derived from its natural resources are celebrated worldwide. The name ‘hana’ is Maori and means ‘radiance’, but the name origins are not what this product range is all about. It is about the skillful blending of Mānuka honey and all natural ingredients, such asgalactoarabinan (larch tree extract), aloe vera, calendula extract, papaya, almond oil, carrot seed oil, orange oil, and rosemary oil.

hana® recipes activates all these natural ingredients, which results in a unique blend of tissue rejuvenation, correction and protection.

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