Pure New Zealand International Ltd are registered with all the official New Zealand regulatory agencies below.

View Our Certificate The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) is focused on growing and protecting New Zealand.

The Government's goal to grow the economy in order to deliver greater prosperity, security and opportunities for all New Zealanders is our key driver. New Zealand needs to lift the long-term performance of the economy and the agriculture, food, forestry, fisheries and aquaculture industries will play a central role in this.

Risk Management Programme The Risk Management Programme (RMP) which is designed to identify, control, manage and eliminate or minimize hazards and risk factors so that the resulting animal product (including bee products) is fit for intended purposes, under part 2 of the New Zealand Animal Products Act. All products manufactured by Pure New Zealand International Limited are controlled by the RMP system.

IQV certification Our own Quality Check system earns the IQV certification. That means INTEGRITY (true to label) QUALITY (meets or exceeds standards) and VALUE (best quality at fair prices).

New Zealand Made Buy NZ Made Campaign and its Triangle Kiwi tag is iconic for representing products that are home-made and home-grown.

Auckland Chamber of Commerce Auckland Chamber of Commerce provides Certificates of Preference that allow NZ exporters to benefit from preferential duties and clearance provisions under free trade agreements, including Certificate of Origin and Free Sale Certificate, etc.