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New Zealand MapNew Zealand is a small isolated country perfectly positioned in the South Pacific. Our closest neighbours are thousands of kilometres distant. Our bio-security is very strict so that our food, our water and our wine is the purest. New Zealand is a country of natural beauty, with forest-clad mountains, beaches, fresh rivers and lakes.

Pure New Zealand International Ltd. (PNZI) was established in 2007 in response to a number of Asian Importers and New Zealand exporters requesting that their trade activities be facilitated personally by our Directors. Our Executive Directors have many years experience in international trading and were key staff with NZTE in North Asia. Both were instrumental in the origination of the NZ Focus concept, a New Zealand Government initiative to assist NZ exporters enter the Asian markets

The company has developed a range of products that includes honey, honey wine and honey lozenges. We are key players in the New Zealand honey industry and take a leadership position in supporting the efforts of the UMFHA.

Most recently, the company has launched a natural skincare range under the name hana®. The Hana Skincare Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Pure New Zealand International Ltd.